Treatments and massages

Hot stone massage:
Technique uses warm oil and hot basalt stones placed on the body causing temperature changes in the various parts of the body.
Duration: 75 min.  Cost: 350 NIS


Shiatsu is a technique developed in Japan and China, which includes massage and using pressure points along specific energy meridians in the body.
Duration: 50 min.  Cost: 250 NIS


Massage with oils pampers, relaxes and helps release tensions, enhances metabolism, improves the blood flow and the immune system.
Duration: 50 min.  Cost: 250 NIS


The treatment is performed along energetic tracks which effect all body systems, the whole body is reflected in one limb, in this case the foot. Treatment by reflexology enhances circulation, generating improved alimentation, drainage and movement.
Duration: 50 min.  Cost: 250 NIS